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Corpus Cristi Procession (Letmathe May, 2008)
Corpus Cristi Procession (Letmathe May, 2008)
These nature creations are the result of many hours of labor of one parishioner from St. Kilian Church Catholic Church in Letmathe. These collages are done the day before we celebrate Corpus Cristi and they decorate the entrance to the Catholic cementery. During the Corpus Cristi ceremony the parioshioners go in a procession around town while praising Jesus and sharing him with others. This is the only Catholic ceremony when the Monstrance with the Host representing Jesus) leaves the church. We do this to ask Jesus to bless the entire world, calls us to repentance, and share His love with the world. On each station there is a scriptures reading, a meditation, and praises lead by the church chorus.
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The chalice and the Host 
On our way to the first station in the Catholic cementary near the church.