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Getting to know me....

I was born in Guayama, Puerto Rico and currently live in Germany with my husband and two sons. I am a writer by profession, a mother by choice, and a wife by the covenant of marriage.


From 1988 until 2000, I contributed to the following Spanish poetry anthologies published by “El Editor Interamericano” in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Americanto (1988), Poetas Hispanoamericanos Contemporaneos (1989), Patria Plural (1990), América Poética (1992), and Expoesía 2000 (1996). These poems were published under the pen name of Thánatos Lopés. These anthologies are out of print; however, they marked the beginning of my writing career.


In 2004, I published my first free-style inspirational poetry book, The Window to My Soul, My Walk with Jesus (Tate Publishing), under the pen name of Mary Magdalene. In March 2006, the book was voted Best Poetry Book by www.christianstoryteller.com.


I have also published my poetry and stories in Canadian publications  Storytime Tapestry Newsletter and Wt in Spirit Christian Magazine.


On March 2011, I published my Spanish meditational book, El Espejo de mi Alma (2011 WinePress) 

Visit me at timewithtannia.tripod.com, and  www.myspace.com/tanniaortizlopes 

Both books, The Window to my Soul; My Walk with Jesus, and El Espejo de m Alma can be purchased directly from Tate Publishing and at all major online stores. In Germany, its available at amazon.de, buch.de, and libri.de.


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