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Currently I cannot accept request for Book Reviews due to an existing backlog. Please check back in three months.  

Thanks for your confidence on my reviews.


Here you will have the opportunity to read my book reviews.  Some of them included the readers and /or author's comments, too.  The reviews are listed in alphabetical order. 
Enjoy the reading!
Disclamer:  Most of the reviews I write are from books that were mailed directly to me  by either the author, the editor or the publisher. I also review books for catholicfiction.net, Thomas Nelson's book review bloggers program aka The Book Sneeze, and Tumblar House.  It is with a clear understanding between ALL parties that no positive review is expected from me. I take time to read the books and to write very honest reviews based on my opinion and my perception of the quality of the book. Nevertheless, in some ocassions, my review might not be of the liking of the author.
I also write reviews from books I bought and found very interesting and wanted to share my opinion with my readers.

A Demon Awaits (CJ West)

A Grandfather's Dilemma (Julian Bauer)

A Lawyer's Relic (Julian Bauer)

A Life of Communion (Lee Hedstrom)

A Pirate's Charm (C.T. Douglas)

A Time To... (Ronald Louis Peterson)

A World Away (TJ Smith)

Ana Markovic (David Murdoch)

Angel Fire (Mary Marshall)

Angelos (Robina Williams)

Beginnings (Lori Ann Watson)

Crown of the World - Knight of the Temple (Nathan Sadasivan)

Emily's Hope (Ellen Gable)

End of the Line (Mike Manno)

Eugenios (Julian Bauer)

Flit and the Avian Flock (Kyle Metzger)

Frozen Footprints (Theresa Heckenkamp)

Gaea (Robina Williams)

Help! My Husband Has Sexually Abused Our Daughter (Debra Butterfield)

Hiding the Stranger (Joan L. Kelly)

His Name is Jesus (Max Lucado) Thomas Nelson BRB

In Name Only (Ellen Gable)

Infinite Space Infinite God (ISIG) (Karina Fabian)

Inheritance (Lisa Barker)

In-Sight (Gerard D. Webster)

Island Stories (Celia A. Leaman)

Journeys (Celia A. Leaman)

Leave if you can (Luise Rinser)

Love's Journey Home (Lee Hedstrom)

Mind Walker (Roy McConnell)

Night Prayer from the Office of the Dead by Brother Bernard Seif

Numbers Up (Kevin Clark)

Our Daily Bread (James H. Kurt)

Prayers to the Saints (James H. Kurt)

Rachel's Contrition (Michelle Buckman)

Sin and Vengeance (CJ West)

Souls at Rest (Charlotte Ostermann)

Storm (Joyce A. Anthony)

The Darkness Did Not .... William Biersach

The Foxhole Angel (J.D. Kamps)

The Harrowing Escape (TJ Smith)

The Last Ark (Jack Sky)

The Passion of Mary-Margaret (Lisa Samson )

The Prodigals (Clark Burbidge.)

The Sacred Bones (Michael Byrnes)

The Search for Saint Valeria (William L. Biersach)

The Seed (Compasse)

The Sinister Realm (T.J. Smith)

The Soul Reader (Gerard Webster)

The Third Floor Window (Colleen Spiro)

Treasures in Clay Vessels (Angela T. Pisaturo)

The Ravine (Robert Pascuzzi)

The Shark Whisperer (Ellen Prager)

Trust No One (Gregg Hurwitz)

Until Lily (Sherry Boas)

Waking Rose (Regina Doman)

We Believe - 40 Meditations on the Nicene Creed (Rich Maffeo)

Wherever Lily Goes (Sherry Boas)

Who is Margaret? What is She? (Celia A. Leaman)

List of the sites where I usually publish my book reviews depending on the book availability worldwide or the site administrator approval of my review:

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