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About the Author:

Born in Chile and raised in Canada, Dan Friedmann is currently CEO of Canada’s leading aerospace company which built the Canadarms, and is involved in space exploration and the Hubble telescope. He is a professional engineer and holds a master’s degree in engineering physics. He has 30 years’ experience in the space industry, having worked on projects in fifteen countries while throughout the decades conducting extensive scientific research. He has published more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers on space industry topics and cosmology. He is also a long time student of religion and for the past 14 years has attended the Vancouver Kollel center for learning. His work on reconciling the biblical account with scientific observation utilizing his biblical clock formula has been reported in various newspapers, magazines and radio talk shows. He is passionate about helping young adults put science and the Bible in correct context.


The Broken Gift, by Daniel Friedmann, is a thought-provoking book in which the author skillfully reconciles the scientific and religious accounts about the origin of humans. The reader who begins the journey with Friedmann will need an open mind and must be willing to walk with the author through the entire process of creation, evolution, discovery, and understanding.

The book, which is divided in 12 well-developed and interesting chapters, starts with an introduction to the topic, concludes with a summary of the collected data and its interpretation, and leaves the reader wondering: “Where to from here?” The basis for Friedmann's arguments comes from the holy Bible, the Torah, including its books of interpretation, and scientific data from such disciplines as anthropology, sociology, geology, and history. I must admit that the quotes from the Jewish mystics created an immense curiosity within me, as they explain in more depth the book of Genesis.

When I was asked to review this work, my first thought was, “Is this just another one of those books?” However, as I read more about Mr. Friedmann's theory and analyzed his “time conversion formula,” my view changed from skeptical to one of admiration.

Although some readers might think of this book as a work of fiction and enormous creativity, Mr. Friedmann’s arguments provide food for thought; the reader should examine them closely without personal bias before deciding to accept or reject his theory.

Do humans and monkeys have a common ancestor? What makes humans unique in comparison with other mammals and primates? The answers to these controversial questions and other interesting discoveries can be found, if you dare, by reading The Broken Gift.

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